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We are Distributors of ViRDI, as a leading provider of biometric core technology, Union Community has set benchmarks for a user friendly fingerprint/facial recognition product line for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Meal Management with its top notch proprietary algorithm and technology. ViRDI offers a higher level of convenience and security than other access control systems. Our ViRDI Series has become the most popular access control system and Time/Attendance system for national organizations and private companies in over 80 countries Worldwide.

ViRDI fingerprint recognition algorithm perfectly eliminates the afterimage and distortion problems of existing optical sensors, and is capable of processing dry and wet fingerprints.

Our 1:N-matching algorithm using indexing technology boasts the highest matching speed of any known algorithm.

ViRDI access solutions replace conventional keys and passwords with Fingerprints, Face Recognition and RF Cards, for improved convenience and security. ViRDI can be confidently used for a simple single door access solution to a large corporate international solution with hundreds of access areas.

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