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We are Resellers of Mairdi РHeadsets,  works closely with channel partners to deliver professional Communication headsets to the market. We sell reliable products all over the world.


Gooseneck microphone boom for multiple adjustment and accurate position
Noise cancelling microphone to reduce surrounding noise by up to 75%, perfect for the use in noisy environments
Superior audio performance
Strong durability for demanding environments, e.g. call centers, offices


Gooseneck microphone boom offers multiple adjustment and accurate position. Simple and sturdy design makes headset equipments last long. Anti static shock Microphone provides protection for hearing health. Super-lightweight style is specialized for communication use.


Noise cancellation microphone protects callers from surrounding distraction
Single earpiece with superb clear sound
International standard hearing protection to your ears


Double earpiece ideal for dedicated communicating
International standard hearing protection to your ears
Noise cancelling microphone screens out background noises


Superior voice technology is employed to perfect sound quality. Translucent steel boom delivers crystal and clear sound. Light weight design and replaceable voice tube microphone boom are perfect for call center use

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