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About Cal4care

At Cal4Care, the customer is paramount. We strive to deliver excellence in all our projects. Whether you give us an order to deliver and implement end-to-end IT infrastructure or provide customer support, you are assured of the highest level of service.

We work hard to make sure that our customers have access to the latest and most up-to-date equipment and technologies, at highly competitive prices. After the system has been delivered and is up and running, we go a step further. We back it up with world class 24/7 customer support through highly trained and efficient support engineers. To make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us, we are accessible through live chat, email and phone.

why trust us

The management at Cal4Care consists of industry veterans and seasoned professionals with extensive experience. They have worked with a wide range of communication protocols, firewalls, email servers, networking solutions and other IT solutions.

Our aim is to create a world wide organization that will deliver the best telephony solutions and support to customers in the field of PBX infrastructure.
To ensure you always have the technology you need to compete.
To implement solutions that address your most important needs.
To not engage in any immoral, unhealthy or illegal business practices.
To shoulder the social responsibilities expected of us, and to give back to our contributing community.

At Cal4Care we believe in the credo that ‘if anything is to be done at all, it should be done well’. Everyone at the company lives by and works hard to uphold this ideal.

Our mission is to provide customers high quality and speedy PBX Services. We help you focus on your core business process and achieve your growth objectives, while we take of all the headaches connected with PBX Implementation.

Our People

Every individual working at Cal4Care is valued for his or her uniqueness, and we do all we can to provide for their continued development, learning and growth.